Spiritual activists of “Light in Action” include both religious people and independent esoteric seekers, as well as atheists, who are essentially spiritual.
We use the term “spiritual” to include all those whose deeper values have led them to challenge the hegemony of selfishness and materialism that extolled people into a frantic quest for profit and power, and removed them from a life that places at the epicenter Love, goodness, generosity, peace, non-violence, social justice, awe and admiration in the face of greatness of creation, gratitude, humility and joy.
Spiritual activism is the urgent and effective response to the various problems that plague modern civilization and jeopardize the very survival of the planet.
We have also included in the term “spiritual” all the dimensions of life that can not fit into a narrow scientific or empirical context. We reject the idea that everything that is real or all that can be known is only what we perceive with our senses or that can be measured.
On the contrary, we know that love, kindness, generosity, awe and admiration, aesthetics, morality and music are just some of the obvious elements of life we value most and that can not be understood or captured adequately from scientism. We call “spiritual”, all these human experiences.
The term activism, as attributed in Greek, the international French term “Activisme” is a contemporary relative term of social – political philosophy. It is not so much the theoretical perception of man about the world around him, as his will to shape him according to his wishes “on the optimum”, with his corresponding voluntary action. Activism of social change has focused on a very narrow political agenda that does not have the depth that can inspire lasting engagement or enthusiastic participation.
There is also a tremendous problem when social movements keep persistently distances from anything spiritual …. We believe that many of the activist movements that exist today in the world have really deep spiritual bases, even if they do not recognize it, or they do not want to admit it clearly. Sometimes they apply a strict censorship in every spiritual issue. This competition limits their effectiveness, although it comes from the justified indignation of the way the language of pseudo-spiritualism has sometimes been used to justify war, oppression, sexism, racism, homophobia, ecological indifference or indifference for the suffering, the poor and the homeless of the world.
For the spiritual activist solidarity means the affirmation of responsibility towards the other: families, local communities, country, but also beyond the narrow boundaries of nationality, race, religion and geography.
We reaffirm the obligation to actively resist injustice and refuse to cooperate with it, even if we are not sure that our action will soon bring about change.
As a sign of solidarity with the oppressed, we seek the democratization of economic and political institutions and the redistribution of wealth so that all people can share the resources of the planet equally and sustainably.
At the same time, we dispute the lack of a spiritual dimension in the programs and declarations of our allies in the progressive movements of social change. This void has enabled the conservative Right to self-proclaimed as the only force that cares about spiritual issues. On the other hand, the failure of the Left to incorporate spiritual values has led many to believe that their thirst for a wider context and purpose should be separated from their engagement with social transformation.
Imagine a group of people who will feel allied with each other in promoting this way of thinking, people who are consciously Eutopic and willing to fight to serve their highest ideals but at the same time humble and practical.
Imagine that this group will help each other individually and collectively by confirming what is Good and Pure and by animating a movement that gives the same priority to our inner life and social justice, that perceives love and care as serious goals for social therapy and rejects the utilitarian and materialist attitudes of the modern world, while actively promoting awe and admiration to its participants.
Imagine that you could be part of this Movement…
Yes, now you can! It’s not a fantasy … it’s a reality!
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