What is not the Philosophical Café

1. Philosophical lectures from “experts”
2. Monologues
3. Space of ideological indoctrination and dogmatic thinking
4. Undigested knowledge show
5. Theoritical and fruitless discussions
6. Sterile confrontation of views

What is the Philosophical Café

1. A friendly space of free exchange of experiences, views and Knowingness on topics of general and substantial interest.
2. A quality entertainment that puts people out of isolation and restores the possibility of conversation and direct communication
3. An open social area characterized by respect, acceptance, tolerance and solidarity.
4. A dialectic research on key individual and collective issues, because it can t be true the prosperity of citizens in a suffering society.
5. An opportunity to reconsider and review our lives. We are not professional philosophers, but we love to philosophize because the unexamined life does not match to a human being.
6. A motivation of self knowledge and enrichment
7. A catalyst of charitable actions

The operating rules of Philosophical Cafe

1. The subject of discussion is announced in time. Anyone can submit his proposal to coordinators for a topic.
2. The issues are usually of common interest and familiar to all
3. The debate is not necessarily coordinated by an “expert philosopher
‘4.The coordinator regulates the orderly flow of debate, gives the floor to the speakers, prevent the deflection of the issue and ensure the compliance of the time limit of each intervention, which should not exceed 3-4 minutes, to enable more people to participate.
5. There is the ability to complete and rejoinder, if there are no other speakers.
6.We welcome indiscriminately all references to the great thinkers, modern and ancient, western and eastern and in all philosophical traditions, provided that knowledge we share to be ground in the mill of the mind, to have warmed into the heart and to have been tested in fact, by each participant.
7. No final conclusions are drawn and everyone keeps what he considers most useful