We are a movement of active citizens, who combines spirituality with activism. We use the term “spiritual” to include all those calling into question the hegemony of selfishness and materialism and focus in their lives , on love, kindness, offering, peace, non violence and social justice, the awe and wonderment in front of the splendor of creation, the gratitude, the humility and the joy. The spiritual activism is the urgent and effective response to a variety of problems which plague the modern civilization and endanger the very survival of the planet. The greatest service that we can offer to humanity is to awaken the spiritual forces. There can be no better and fairer world, if the majority of citizen are kept in the dark , ignorance, inactivity and away from the virtue. We belong to the emerging Global Culture of Wisdom (Cultural Creatives), beyond the narrow limits of national cultures. Our activities concern the following key sectors of individual and collective life: Self awareness, education of awaking , active non-violence, human rights, social justice, direct democracy and social Εcosophy.
Join us and act bright with us.
We are waiting for you!