Light in Action manifests itself simultaneously in eight internal and external sectors (Rays) which are the result of the principles of Light Action.
The inner ones are for the individual, while the external can extend to concentric circles including the family, the community, the country and the whole planet.
In the following table, these rays are briefly presented but in other articles they will be thoroughly analyzed one by one.

1) Self-self knowledge – awareness
We are changing and, at the same time, we are struggling to improve the conditions on the planet. Without our own elevation of consciousness, no external change is possible.
Our goal is to create a critical mass of conscious citizens in place of indignant mass, which is easily manipulated. Whoever struggles outside narrow party boundaries is not “apolitical” but essentially politicized and without blindfolds. We neutralize the mechanism of fear that inactivates logic and we create alternative channels of information, direct communication and local organization.

2) Responsibility – participation
A key point in our philosophy is the assumption of personal and collective responsibility. LIGHT IN ACTION is a catalyst for internal awakening and the organization of social voluntary participation. The era of “saviors” and “charismatic leaders” has passed!
Ordinary man is called to become his own hero and all together the new Greece and the new humanity.

3) Awakening education
Spiritual culture (humanistic education) and social activism can and should go hand in hand. For this reason, we organize special seminars and training courses to deepen the applied philosophy. Reviving the wisdom of the eternal principles is necessary to get out of spiritual and moral bankruptcy.

4) Unity – Holisticity
The source of our problems is that we perceive existence separated, fragmented into a “material” and a “spiritual” part. It is not too late to realize that we are a totality, functioning smoothly only when the elements that make up it are working in harmony. The solution to the problems must therefore be holistic and global.

5) Active nonviolence and civil disobedience
Equitable goals can not be achieved by unfair means. When we resort to the use of force, then we play the game of the system. The only thing that does not know how to handle the establishment is non-violence and humor. We experience activism with joy, imagination, ingenuity and cheerful mood. Active nonviolence is an alternative Lifestyle and a method for achieving positive individual and social changes. We organize seminars of civil disobedience and education on the use of active nonviolence.

6) Changing the worldview
From “have” to “Be” and from “I” to “We”. Replace competitive consumerism with naturalness, simplicity, aesthetics, humanity, spiritual culture and poetry. LIGHT IN ACTION aims to contribute to the emergence of a new model of life, just, peaceful and sustainable.

7) Direct Democracy
At the political level, we are activating for the peaceful change of the political system by demanding direct democracy, in order to return the self-determination to the citizen. People can not only coexist peacefully, but also can support each other in the effort to eradicate any outbreak of misery and suffering.

8) Social Ecosophy
Restoring the balance between man and nature is also our main goal. We understand the criticality of the multidimensional environmental problems faced by our common home, planet Earth today, and we are energized to rescue it.
Get out of inertia! Become part of the solution! Be a Spiritual Activist! Join your forces with “LIGHT IN ACTION”, Here and Now! Spread the Vision of a just and peaceful world society!