The Awakening Theater of “Light in Action” aims to overcome subjective, conventional and commercial art. It starts from the horizontal plane of becoming and gradually ascends verticality the scale of Being. His mission is to broaden the actors’ consciousness and to initiate the viewers into the spiritual dimension.
The Awakening Theater is also an “Alchemist Workshop” because it follows the three steps of alchemical transmutation.
The Awakening Theater is a pioneering action of the Movement of Spiritual Activism “LIGHT IN ACTION” and was created in 2016 from the collaboration of the psychiatrist – psychotherapist Ioannis Avgoustatos with the actor and teacher of the theater Annita Kagoulou. In the early months, some actors responded and weekly rehearsals took place. We’ve already created some awakening videos posted on youtube.

At this stage the Theater Company is in a standstill, waiting for new members to activate it! … Please contact me by sending us a CV in our email address. Essential qualifications are the spiritual research and the voluntary spirit of offering.

The Awakening Theater’s page at Facebook :

“Why do we make art? In order to violate our limits, extend our limits, fill our void, complete ourselves …. I am talking about a method, overrunning, confrontation, a process of self-awareness and somehow psychotherapy. “
Jerzy Grotowski, “For a Poor Theater”.

“Unless the theater can refine you, make you a better person, you should avoid it.”
Konstantin Stanislavski

“We are aware that the artist does not just create a work, he creates himself. When it is relaxed, open and receptive, then the invisible one occupies it and through it touches us “
Peter Brook