Spiritual activism is transforming our world and the Spiritual Activist Statement of Commitment is an important tool to unify our efforts and increase our impact. Through this statement, we affirm that the change we seek will only be achieved when we transcend narrow self-interest and embrace the perspective that we are One. Use this pledge to remind yourself of your commitment.
Offer it to everyone you know. Bring it to your family and friends, to the organizations where you belong, to the workplace, to every place that human beings gather. Let’s choose to co-create a world of mutual support so that, together, we can thrive.
We pledge to:

1. Acknowledge that we are one.

There is no “they.” Despite our apparent differences, we are all one. The damage I do to another, I do to myself. The love I give another, I give to myself. Whether I admire, fear or despise another, I commit to recognizing our Oneness. Whoever you are, “I am that.”

2. Become accountable for our impact, individually and collectively.

We are accountable for the impact of everything we say, do, feel or think. We commit to become more aware of the impact of our actions and attitudes on ourselves and each other and to get the support we need to overcome the personal and collective behaviors that destroy us, those around us and our planet.

3. Build a mutually supportive world by choosing the highest good of all.

Sometimes our instinct is to choose our personal short-term interests over the good of the whole, but we realize that no one thrives in a world dominated by narrow self-interest. We commit to letting our hearts and actions be guided by the question: What is for the highest good of all, including me? And we commit to transcend our fears and instincts and do what we know is best for ourselves, others and our planet.
I commit to these three practices in all my relationships: with myself, with my family, friends, workplace and community, with the world community and with other forms of life on this planet and beyond. I also commit to calling on the rest of humanity to embrace these practices so that, together, we may co‐create the world we seek and become a blessing to the earth.

If you resonate with these words, print out this statement, sign this pledge and keep it visible on your refrigerator, bulletin board or other location.