1) Look for solutions that maintain or restore the dignity of each individual, and their communities.

2) Learn to work together and work together to accomplish your goals.

3) The whole is larger than the sum of the parts. Like waves in a lake, spiritual actions combine and build on each other to magnify the effect beyond what could be done on an individual level.

4) Seek integrity, honesty and dignity. Integrity makes you do the right thing, even if no one sees you. Maciavelli’s words “The purpose sanctifying the means” have no place in spiritual activism.

5) If our methods are not polite, it will not be our results either. Apply mental transparency to allow negative energies to pass through your emotional body without harming it. “Therefore, what is hard and great will be thrown down, and that it is flexible and thin will be lifted “. Tao King

6) If you cultivate love in your heart, you will succeed. Intention, which is the driving force behind your actions, is of the utmost importance. Start from a place of pure and altruistic Love. A positive future can not come out of a mind full of anger and despair.

7) Do not judge yourself only from the results of your actions. Keep a sense of detachment from the overall result. The ultimate goal of spiritual activism is to unconditionally increase the understanding and support of Humanity, with no exceptions. This achievement is greater than any individual. There is true integration in serving the humanistic and spiritual issues. The most valuable gift we can offer to others is our presence. When we show our interest to those we love, they will bloom like a flower.

8) Learn to hear with your heart and not just with your mind. You may only see the problem. Your heart will always recognize the solution. Learn to act by faith and cultivate tenderness when you face collective problems. Faith is the first step even if you can not see the entire ladder.

9) Do not defy your critics or those who challenge you. An aggressive approach leads to a defensive reaction. Reach others with compassion and open heart. Build on what you share and unite instead of focusing on your differences. You aspire to become Peacekeepers. This does not mean accepting the lie and the corruption. Be strict with the fallacy and gentle with the people.

10) Respect for Life. The good is preserving, supporting and enhancing life, and evil is the destruction, harm or obstruction of life.

11) Spiritual Activism is the pursuit of service for the benefit of all, not for the promotion or benefit of individuals or selected societies. The mentality, behind your actions, must be noble, holistic, universal and non-discriminatory. Be careful that “ego” and “self-service” do not have a place in spiritual activism. Simple people, neither politicians nor generals, nor business men, ordinary men and women can do something to build a better, more peaceful world. The hope for a future peace lies in such a selfless service. By serving others, we serve our true Self. “Giving We Get”. We benefit from those we serve, just as we are blessed when we forgive others.

12) Compassion must goes together with wisdom. Shielding yourself from collective pain prevents transformation. Let your heart open and learn to move into the world with an open heart. As Gibran says, “Your pain is the medicine with which the Internal Doctor heals himself.” When we open ourselves to the pain of the world, we become the medicine that heals the world.

13) All actions must be based on Compassion. When we defend a case, our mentality must be altruistic and the incentive motivating us, positive. Spiritual Activism is in favor of some purpose, not against something. Work in Action instead of Reaction. Your essence is pliable and eventually you become the one that focuses your attention more. You pick up what you sow, so carefully choose your choices (thoughts, feelings, actions). If you are constantly involved in conflicts, you will also become confrontational. If you constantly love, you will become love as well.

14) Compassion derives from the understanding of the League that exists in all living beings. We are all connected through the Humanity that we share. When we learn that our differences are superficial and that our similarities are solid, this makes space for compassion. “ Do not be trapped by the pessimistic view of human nature, which is not offset by the optimism that includes its divine nature, because you are being cut off by the healing powers of grace “(Martin Luther King).