The aim of Light in Action is not simply the organization of voluntary actions offering concrete help, but the awakening of consciences and the diffusion of positive visions and alternative spiritual perspective to the people. Only actions with luminous clarity and unselfishness may be really effective. The citizens are bombarded, on a daily basis, with fear, disorientation, hopelessness and insecurity. We need to create antidotes against the collective hypnosis and negative feelings which inactivate the will. Behind our every thought, feeling and action lies a worldview, a mental map and above all a level of consciousness. It is impossible to solve any problem in the same level and with the existing programming. What we are called on to do, as “ Light in Action”, is to change the vision and the state of consciousness both individual and collective.
In brief, by whatever means, we are seeking to help the “captors”, as many as we can , to escape from the cave of ignorance, to become the leaders of their life and work together for the creation of a better and just world. To help achieve this objective, has founded the Civic non-profit organization “Light in Action”.