1. Consciousness: Awakening higher levels of personal and collective consciousness. Promote a new scale of values.

2. Take individual and collective responsibility.

3. We change to change the world: spiritual development – fullness.

4. Reconstruction of social life, cultural transformation.

5. Create an alternative model of values and practices:

Human rights and universal values above profit.

From Having to Being: spiritual culture, applied philosophy.

From I to We : organized participation, solidarity, unselfish offer.
Spiritual Activism is the pursuit of service for the benefit of all, not for the benefit of individuals, guilds or selected societies. The “I” and the “Service of the self” have no place in spiritual activism. The attitude, behind our actions, must be gentle, holistic, global and not discriminatory. Unity already exists, but we have forgotten it.

Active nonviolence: the purpose does not sanctify the means! If our methods are not polite, it will not be our results either. Our starting point is altruistic Love and Compassion. The concept of Compassion is based on the intense awareness of the Interdependence of all living beings. A positive future can not emerge from anger and despair. We approach others with compassion and open heart. We build on what we share and unite, instead of focusing on our differences. We are firm and clear against any embezzlement of human rights. We choose Action and Creative Proposal instead of Reaction and sterile criticism. Spiritual Activism defends righteous purposes and less fights against something.

6. Institutional Changes: Participatory-Direct Democracy, justice, meritocracy, press accountability, separation of state-church.

7. Human-Nature Balance (Ecosophy): “Think globally, act locally” !

8. Exploitation of the positive aspects of the crisis for radical redefinition (Individual and collective)