QUESTION: What is Matrix in which we live and how will we escape?

We often talk about Matrix, the virtual world in which we are trapped, but we do not realize how the web is knit in everyday life … The consequence of this misunderstanding is life imprisonment.
But is the situation so desperate? Fortunately, not if we understand its basic mechanism and disable it. Where is the key of the case?
In our mind! Our mental environment is constantly being constructed by the endless repetition of mechanical thoughts, images and emotions. The drive is on the hard disk of beliefs that are largely external programming products. The first movement of liberation and awakening is the distancing from these beliefs that shape both the image of the self and the image of the world. Then we have to go into the process of self-programming, that is to replace external beliefs with others we have chosen after thorough control. This change will shield us from the mass control of the mind and give us new directions and insights. The worldview, in which we live, is ruined as a paper tower when we disconnect the internal receivers.
Along with this reprogramming, we will begin to experience what it means to live without any program! Simple and pure consciousness is more than enough and is the entry into real life.
The people who broke the bonds of the collective Matrix help other prisoners to free themselves. It’s as simple as waking up from a nightmare!