The optimistic prospect of the emergence and spread of a planetary “Wisdom culture” is the antidote to the uncontrolled fear, cynicism and despair of our time. If all we ask for is to rescue ourselves from the coming collapse of Western civilization, we will disperse our efforts by running panicked in all directions, like mice, on the ship that is being fired.
If mankind wants to survive from this global crisis, we need a positive collective vision of a future that is sustainable for all, allowing us to work as a whole to design the goals and strategies that will build a positive future rather than foolishly involved by economic wars, ecological disasters, epidemics, famines and genocides.

That is why we have to embrace and cooperate with the positive trends of our time, in order to create a future that will not only be sustainable but also wise and beautiful. The emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture now appears as a new level, beyond the narrow boundaries of national cultures.
As our modern materialistic way of life collapses, space opens up for the emergence of a new spiritual culture. As we follow trends, we see a strong move towards a clean, green economy and the restoration of nature. As the wave of change moves through culture, large populations now agree that a wise culture means the care of all people, not just the privileged ones.
Applied Wisdom extends the self-evident framework of day-to-day action and organizational strategies over longer horizons, wider concerns, more conscious and more moral modes of operation. This means increased care for our inner life, cooperation with charities, as well as for the long-term future of mankind and the planet.
Researchers Ray and Anderson estimate 50 million adult Americans (just over a quarter of the adult population) who can now be identified as belonging to this category. In addition, they estimated that there are 80-90,000,000 “Cultural (Light) Creators in Europe out of 2,000.”
The challenge is for these pioneers to connect to a Light network and make their presence felt with Light Actions which will lead to the humanization of our culture .
LIGHT IN ACTION was created to express this exact need.
“ See the others have started
A new sun has risen in other countries
If you wake up, the world will go at once upside down … “

Greek popular song