19 07, 2017

Light in Action in Cyprus


Many friends in Greece and abroad have expressed the desire to promote the message of the Movement in their city. Cyprus is the first country outside Greece, which actively implements this intention. The LIGHT IN ACTION is being activated by next autumn 2017 in Cyprus and in particular in the Municipality of Strovolos in Nicosia, [...]

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9 07, 2017

The volunteer


…..But why do some people do things without looking for any immediate return from their disinterested action? How can that be? What is it that they do in their heads that allows them to act in such a strange way? From the point of view of today’s consumer societies, it is a very atypical way [...]

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8 07, 2017

The “eight rays” of Light in Action


Light in Action manifests itself simultaneously in eight internal and external sectors (Rays) which are the result of the principles of Light Action. The inner ones are for the individual, while the external can extend to concentric circles including the family, the community, the country and the whole planet. In the following table, these rays [...]

The “eight rays” of Light in Action2017-07-08T07:22:16+03:00
25 06, 2017

Emerging out of the mass hypnosis and materializing a conscious network of Light Creators


Many are those who fatalistically embrace the psychoanalytic viewpoint that humans, behind the mask of civilization, are in essence violent and gregarious animals, unable to detach themselves from the unconscious impulses that govern them. They, moreover, believe that there is no antidote to mass hypnosis and that all we can do is accept our inescapable [...]

Emerging out of the mass hypnosis and materializing a conscious network of Light Creators2017-06-25T11:49:27+03:00
12 06, 2017

Humanitarian crisis and solidarity


Solidarity against charity - No justice no peace . The Uruguayan journalist, writer, (1940-2015) Eduardo Galeano has said “ I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person and learns from other person . I [...]

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25 08, 2016

Active NonViolence


  The active non violence is neither passivity, nor fatalism, nor abandonment, nor moderation, nor neutrality, nor cowardliness. On the contrary, it is the defence of justice with courage and decisiveness, disregarding the risk and without the use of violent actions. The injustice will not disappear all by itself and the human rights will not [...]

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6 07, 2016

Self Knowledge and Social Action


The first presentation of the Spiritual Activism Movement “LIGHT IN ACTION” for the period 2015-16 on “Self-awareness and Social Action” that took place at 24/10/2017 was a highly successful process. We thank the friends of the Movement who full to bursting the hall of Europe direct, in the Athens Municipal Cultural Centre and had [...]

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7 10, 2015

Self Knowledge and Social Action


  The first presentation of the Spiritual Activism Μovement "LIGHT IN ACTION" for the period 2015-16, on "Self-Knowledge and Social Action", took place with great success on 24/10/15. We are very grateful to the Friends, who filled the Europe Direct lecture Room, in the City of Athens Cultural Center, and participated with great interest [...]

Self Knowledge and Social Action2017-06-25T11:18:08+03:00
16 06, 2015

The psychology of the masses


" One of the general characters of the masses is an excessive moment in submission, which is contagious within each human assembly. This explains the quick orientation of emotions in a certain direction. As neutral as anyone imagines, the mass is quite often in a state full of expectation of readiness, favorable for submission. The [...]

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