25 07, 2017

What is not and what is the Philosophical Café


What is not the Philosophical Café 1. Philosophical lectures from "experts" 2. Monologues 3. Space of ideological indoctrination and dogmatic thinking 4. Undigested knowledge show 5. Theoritical and fruitless discussions 6. Sterile confrontation of views What is the Philosophical Café 1. A friendly space of free exchange of experiences, views and Knowingness on topics [...]

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7 06, 2015

Philosophical Cafe


In 2012 began the philosophical walks in the Acropolis area, which took place in the spring and early autumn. Since October 2014, our philosophical meetings have found solid hospitality for the rest of the months, in the warm and artistic hall of “Polis Art Café”, 5 Pesmazoglou street, Athens. On the first Sunday of [...]

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