10 09, 2017



Recorded interview given to the first program of the Cyprus Broadcasting and to the show "We and our World", on the Move Light in Action and the forthcoming events that it organizes in Nicosia. The journalist Loukas Hamatsos discusses with the founder of the Movement John Avgoustatos and his representatives in Cyprus Michalis Kontoyogi and [...]

THE “LIGHT IN ACTION” IN THE WORLD2017-09-10T09:30:43+03:00
25 07, 2017

What is not and what is the Philosophical Café


What is not the Philosophical Café 1. Philosophical lectures from "experts" 2. Monologues 3. Space of ideological indoctrination and dogmatic thinking 4. Undigested knowledge show 5. Theoritical and fruitless discussions 6. Sterile confrontation of views What is the Philosophical Café 1. A friendly space of free exchange of experiences, views and Knowingness on topics [...]

What is not and what is the Philosophical Café2017-07-31T21:59:08+03:00
15 07, 2017



LIGHT IN ACTION plans to publish several books and brochures to illustrate its philosophy and strategy in all areas. The “ Spiritual Activist’s Handbook” is the first of the series and will be released in September 2017. We are confident that it will contribute greatly to the transmission of the Awakening Message and will help [...]

15 07, 2017

The Awakening Theater


The Awakening Theater of “Light in Action” aims to overcome subjective, conventional and commercial art. It starts from the horizontal plane of becoming and gradually ascends verticality the scale of Being. His mission is to broaden the actors' consciousness and to initiate the viewers into the spiritual dimension. The Awakening Theater is also an [...]

The Awakening Theater2017-07-15T12:38:13+03:00
25 06, 2017

Presentation of the principles and philosophy of “LIGHT in Action” Movement


The beneficial effect of self-awareness on the psychic balance and well-being of the individual is indisputable. This harmonization can have a positive impact in its immediate environment, but it is not so strong in itself to illuminate the dense darkness that surrounds us. It is essential for every citizen to assume his personal responsibility [...]

Presentation of the principles and philosophy of “LIGHT in Action” Movement2017-07-04T20:08:43+03:00
23 06, 2017

Second Public Meditation


It was successfully held on Sunday 26 June 2016, the 2nd Public Meditation organized by the Movement of Spiritual Activism "LIGHT IN ACTION". Meditation was directed by friend Vassilis Xpolias. Subsequently, the actors - members of the Awakening Theater Company : Annita Kagalou, Sandy Dimakis and Dimitris Poulos presented inspirationally [...]

Second Public Meditation2017-09-10T08:27:02+03:00
18 05, 2017

Meditative Walk


The Spiritual Activism Movement "LIGHT IN ACTION" this year combines Public Meditation with the closing ceremony of the Philosophical Cafe and organizes on Sunday, 28 May, a "Meditative Walk" in the Acropolis area. Meeting point at 18.00 at the entrance of the Acropolis Museum, from where we will walk to the top of the [...]

Meditative Walk2017-07-15T08:24:53+03:00
4 02, 2017



Ten years later, the television program “ Introspections ”, is broadcast live by Recconnection Radio ! From Wednesday 18 January and every Wednesday (19.00-21.00) is broadcast live meditating on philosophical and psychological issues, with select spirit lifting music. You can get a live participation through chat and messages. Tune in to the radio link : [...]

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