It is possible you are a Spiritual Activist if …

1.You recognize the importance of self-awareness and spirituality in your life, but you are concerned about the role of religious fanaticism in politics.

2. You reject all forms of violence

3. You love nature and you are deeply concerned about its destruction.

4. You have strong awareness for the problems of the whole planet (global warming, destruction of rainforests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability, wars, exploitation of people in poorest countries) and you want to take immediate drastic measures such as diplomatic resolution of disputes, restriction of wastefulness, green economy and equitable distribution of wealth.

5. You are willing to help in some way to achieve these objectives.

6. You give great emphasis on honesty and authenticity

7. You give high value on helping other people and promoting their unique talents.

8. You are volunteer for one or more public interest purposes.

9. You are strongly interested in both psychological and spiritual growth of yourself.

10. You are in favor of a greater gender equality and elimination of all forms of discrimination.

11. You are concerned about violence, racism and abuse of women and children around the world.

12. You desire to invest more funds to education, health and development of neighborhoods and communities, for creating an ecologically sustainable future.

13. You are dissatisfied with both the Left and the Right in politics, and want to find a new way, that is not the opportunistic Center, being capable to ensure direct participation of citizens in decisions making.

14. You are generally optimistic about the future and you call into question the cynical and pessimistic view given by the media.

15. You want to join in creating a new and better way of life in your country.

16. You are concerned about the problems created by the uncontrolled action of international capital and big multinationals companies, in order to increase their profits: ecological disasters, local wars and predatory exploitation of poorer countries.

17. You give more emphasis on personal cultivation and less on lifestyle and wastage.
18. You take advantage of your time creatively and you did not spend it on useless amusements.

19. You dislike all the emphasis given by modern culture on “success” at any price and on status symbols.

20. You like people from distant countries and love to know other cultures and other ways of life.

If you agree with 10 or more points, then you are a Spiritual Activist and a Cultural Creator! As creating is multiplied by cooperation, you can find the most appropriate expressive space in the LIGHT IN ACTION. Come and feel at home. You are going to meet other people with your own characteristics and you will be able to participate in creative public benefit initiatives….
We are waiting for you!