The beneficial effect of self-awareness on the psychic balance and well-being of the individual is indisputable. This harmonization can have a positive impact in its immediate environment, but it is not so strong in itself to illuminate the dense darkness that surrounds us. It is essential for every citizen to assume his personal responsibility and increase altruistic cooperation for the non-violent transformation of society in all areas.

This will be the first  issue  of a series of monthly *lectures  on Spiritual Activism and its implementation in society, organized by the Movement of Spiritual Activism “LIGHT IN ACTION”. Among the topics will be examined the relationship between spirituality and politics, science, philosophy, religions, psychology, fine arts, education, economy and ecology. The principles, aims and methodology of Spiritual Activism, which is the light path for a just and peaceful society, will also be presented.

The meetings will take place in the Europe Direct Hall , from 17.00 to 20.00, on the following dates: 24/10/2015, 21/11/2015, 12/12/2015. Monthly meetings for 2016 will be announced later.

“The ultimate, the most sacred form of the theory is action. Everywhere is God, to man, to politics, to everyday life that is in danger. It is not omnipotent, to  fold our arms by expecting his sure victory. Our salvation depends on us. And only if saved, we are saved. The theory is valuable only as preparation, the struggle the crucial is the action. ”

N. Kazantzakis

* Presentation-discussion with psychiatrist – psychotherapist and founder of the Movement of Spiritual Activism “LIGHT IN ACTION”. Ioannis  Avgoustatos, with free  entrance.