Ten years later, the television program “ Introspections ”, is broadcast live by Recconnection Radio !
From Wednesday 18 January and every Wednesday (19.00-21.00) is broadcast live meditating on philosophical and psychological issues, with select spirit lifting music.

You can get a live participation through chat and messages. Tune in to the radio link : http://reconnectionradio.weebly.com

In our first programme, we talked about ‘Life as School”. In our second one, we made a report on “Solitude and loneliness”. In our third one, we we talked about “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull inside us”.
In this radio series, Mrs Annita Kagalou director of “WAKE UP THEATER” is joining us. You can hear all the recorded programs in our channel on Mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud.com/ioannisavgoustatos1/

In addition, we have created a specific facebook group, “Wake up Radio” where is being hosted awaking radio programs, interviews and videos :