The remarkable impact of the Philosophical City Café in Athens as well as in province and abroad, has shown us the enormous necessity of free, direct and qualitative communication in our time dominated by the guided commercial media. We have the intention to express our thought completely unfiltered and dispassionate, covering issues traditionally excluded by the opinion leaders. Today it is technology that makes it possible, so we have decided to use it effectively. One of the most common and easy application is hangout of Google, live connected with YouTube, allows an unlimited number of users to watch and participate easily in thematic discussion.

All those who wish to take part in our live hangouts , you may apply in our e- mail :, attaching a short curriculum and topics that interest you. As in Philosophical Café, we want to discuss on philosophical, psychological and social issues, by focusing on personal experience rather than theory. The talks will be in the same climate of courtesy, respect, dialectical consideration and friendliness. In the choice of dialogue partners, priority will be given to associations (clubs, organizations, associations) who will be watching in groups. Attempts will be made to be represented different regions in Greece and abroad.

All those who do not participate directly, you can send your remarks and your questions in live streaming in Youtube or in my e mail address and in Fb specific Groop :  WEB PHILOSOPHY CAFÉ (  during the conferences.

The first live online debate took place on Tuesday 24 May at 20.00 on the subject : “Spirituality and Modern Crisis”